One of our core values is openness. That’s why we’ve designed our restaurants with transparent kitchens And we apply the same idea for our franchise partners.

Here’s a list of FAQs on Wok My Way franchising. We know you’re going to have more questions, but it will help you decide whether Wok My Way is the QSR franchise model you’re looking for. If you still interested by the end of this page, we invite you to fill out the application form for the franchise. Our expansion team will then come back to you and solve any other issues you might have.

Now, getting down to the questions:

1. How much does it cost to open a Wok My Way?

The total cost varies from restaurant to restaurant and is dependent on many factors, but is generally between Rs. 5 lakhs and Rs. 15 lakhs. We have different models of franchises like Dark Kitchen, Associate Kitchen, QSR, etc.

2. Is prior experience in the food sector or franchise business a must?

It is not must to have prior experience. We look for talented individuals with entrepreneurial qualities. But, having prior experience in food sector is added advantage.

3. What’s the profitability of a Wok My Way?

Results are largely dependent on a number of variables that we will discuss with you if we have a meeting, but we can advise you that Wok My Way outlets have an EBITDA profitability rate of up to 25%.

4. What is support provided to franchises?

We assist you with site selection & negotiation, store design and construction, store opening and supply chain support, ongoing business consultancy, marketing support, complete technology and ERP support.

5. What are the roles of franchises?

Food consistency and quality should always be ensured in compliance with company standards.

Any change in recipe will not be allowed without prior approval. It is important to perform routine audits to ensure the same.

Standards of hygiene to be followed in the kitchen and in the dining area of the restaurant.

All major food delivery services must be associated to the franchisee.

Franchisee must provide regular, weekly and monthly sales reports.

Please fill the form & our team will get in touch.



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